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Nessle offers the first online listing directory that connects parents with all categories of perinatal experts! And thanks to virtual connection tools experts can connect with clients across the US, enabling them to specialize in the niche challenges and skills that interest them most. Are you a trained doula, lactation counselor, nutrition specialist, sleep expert, childbirth educator, fitness instructor, wellness coach, or parenting expert? We want you in our network!

Trained providers can list their virtual and in-person services on our platform for a monthly fee. To join our interest list, fill out this survey.

Perinatal experts listed in the Nessle directory also have the ability to train as a Nessle Virtual Coach, with the ability to enter our secure question-and-answer platform, filter for their favorite categories of questions, grab one that they feel confident answering, and offer one-on-one instant (or scheduled) sessions with the parents who asked the question. Got an open half-hour? Grab a Nessle question! You help a family in their time of need, and you earn additional income. 

The first step to becoming a Nessle expert earning money on the Q&A platform is to participate in our online program, Nessle Onboarding and Best Practices in Virtual Perinatal Support. This 5-module online learning program costs $60, takes about 3 hours to complete, and includes 3 free months of listing on the Nessle directory. Lessons are dedicated to best practices in virtual care, trust-building online, and platform use. To sign up for the course or learn more, click here.

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click here to read more about how it works (pdf)