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The internet is both a blessing and a curse to new and expectant parents. We have a million answers at our fingertips, but...we have a million answers at our fingertips. How can parents cut through the noise, navigate countless well-meaning opinions, and sidestep all of the baggage and judgment that come with seeking parenting advice online?

Nessle provides the answer.

We help parents connect with certified perinatal experts for 1-on-1, real-time, tailored virtual conversations on the topics that matter most throughout the entire perinatal journey. 

A standard consultation includes a 30-45 minute video session, followed by one week of text or e-mail support for any follow-up questions you might have. But the providers listed with Nessle have a variety of other online offerings as well, including on-demand classes, live virtual workshops and support groups, asynchronous learning content, and more.

Make Nessle your one-stop spot to find the exact match that fits for your own questions, challenges, and needs. Start searching for your perfect expert match today.

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