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Online support for new and expectant parents has never been more prevalent than it is during the COVID-19 pandemic. Doulas, parenting experts, sleep specialists, and others who routinely work in person with their clients are diversifying their offerings and connecting with clients all over the world through virtual tools. Nessle supports those practitioners by offering a place to "get found" by parents, and by offering professional development opportunities such as trainings, a Certificate in Perinatal Telesupport, and evidence-based research about the delivery of online perinatal support.

Practitioners listed on the Nessle website do not "work for" Nessle. They maintain their own businesses, use the virtual tools that they prefer, and connect with clients on their own terms. But by drawing together a comprehensive list of Nessle-endorsed experts, courses, workshops, and support groups, Nessle makes the work of finding "the right expert" easy--and helps experts connect with even more clients. If you're interested in listing your business and/or your online courses and support groups on our platform, please reach out.

Our Certificate in Perinatal Telesupport trains perinatal experts in evidence-based best practices for the delivery of virtual care, rooted in psychological, medical, and sociological research.  

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